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Average art hoe, I like to do many art genres due to my smooth brain not making up its mind. A passion that will soon become my dream job and I'm excited to be on this journey with friends and family. ^ ^

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I know some of yall wont care, but whatever I wanna say this...

The first thing I wanna say is that this summer was a blast! I have never been so productive in my life with art and animation. from pico day all the way to summer jams, was so much fun and I'm glad to do it with my best homie Devoid, and so many awesome Newgrounders We have met along the way!!!

Though with that in hand, I'm honestly tired. I really need to rest. Despite our submission with jam 4, it didn't impact me as much as all of the other crazy shit I have done for Newgrounds. While working the assets, I stopped so many times and think to myself, "Why the fuck am I doing this?" But I kept going because it's not only me that's working on it, Devoid was counting on me. This is my realization that I need to stop doing Newgrounds events for a while. It sucks but Its time to catch up on things that are going on with my personal life... I miss the outside, I miss hanging out with my friends and family and most importantly, I miss the personal projects that I always wanted to do since last year. (Also I have commissions and I need to get paid lol.) I am grateful for everyone supporting each other and helping each other out this is a great community!

With that being said, imma miss the rest of the summer jam events. I'm satisfied with the work I've done with others here. Thank you brandy for hosting, thank you to all the voice actors and music composers. thank you Newgrounds community!!! I'll be posting personal projects here till it's time to feel to do part 2 of tankman and o mighty snakedragon. Thank you guys for yalls time :D. NOW IMMA FUCKING SLEEP LMAO


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